Can these patio misters be customized to fit my patio?

One of the most common questions with patio misters is, "will these patio misting systems be completely customized to my unique space or patio"?

Ohhh yea, they are unbelievably customizable!

The Patio Misting System Pro is 100% customizable to any patio, patio structure, backyard or restaurant. The patio misting customization is all in the components our systems offer. First you have the patio misting pump. These pumps will produce an extremely fine mist, capable of cooling down your space but not soaking your floor, furniture or you.  The patio mister pump plugs directly into your existing electrical outlet and hose bib.  This means that you can place your pump almost anywhere because you can simply use an outdoor extension cord and standard garden hose to extend the outlet and hose bib to any desired location.  The Patio Misting System pump does not need to be in the same area as your actual patio misting nozzles.  The most common placement for misting pumps is on the side of the house, inside built in BBQs and by AC condensers or pool equipment.  The placement of The Patio Misting System pump can be quite a long distance from your space you want cooled.

From the pump you then run the provided high pressure patio misting tubing.  This patio misting tube is flexible to conform to any angle or structure.  It can be buried, run under soffits, through vegetation, painted or otherwise concealed.  This patio misting tube will be ran all the way to where you want your first patio misting nozzle.  Now the fun and cooling begins.  You will use the quick connect connectors and either the stainless steel patio misting tube or more of the flexible tubing.  The stainless steel patio misting tube are 30” each in length and the quick connect nozzle connectors have the screw hole in them where the misting nozzle is attached.  So if you use the stainless steel tube, each nozzle will be 30” apart.  Of course this stainless steel tube can be cut to any desired length if you choose.  So the possibilities of misting nozzle placement are up to you. 

The process is very much the same if you choose to go with the black flexible tube.  You can cut this to any desired length and the quick connect connection pieces will attach.   You can further customize these parts by switching back and forth from the stainless steel tube to the black flexible tube.  Typically on long straight lines customers choose to run the stainless steel tube and then on unique corners or places where they may have to go higher or lower, you can use the black flexible misting tube to make those connections. 

Each patio misting kit comes with everything you need to go from the box to incredibly fine cooling mist in about 2 hours.    If you’re asking yourself the question everyone asks, can this patio misting system cool down my patio, my pergola, my dining area or my unique backyard?  The answer is YES!  The Patio Misting System Pro is uniquely designed with outrageous flexibility and modular components to perfectly be customized and fit any space.