Do I need to cover my Patio Misting System pump?
The Patio Misting System Pump Cover can extend the life of your patio mister pump by allowing for exceptional air flow yet protecting your misting pump from rain and sun.
Winterization – What do I need to do after summer?
Once the hot summer months are over and your patio mister will have an extended period of non-use, use these simple tips to increase the useful life of your patio misting pump.
What does The Patio Misting System come with?
What does The Patio Misting System come with?  Everything!  The completely modular kit comes with everything you need for a 100% customizable but professional look.
Can these patio misters be customized to fit my patio?
If you are trying to figure out if these patio misting systems will work for your patio or unique space, they absolutely will!  Read on to find out how.
How much water does a patio misting system use?
How much water does a patio misting system use?  The simple answer is not much.  With 3 hours per day of usage, every day, your patio misting system will add less than $4 per month to your total monthly water bill.
How much energy does a patio misting system use?
How much energy does a patio misting system use?  In short, not very much, the typical unit will only use about 10 cents per day!
Mist Cooling Fans and Patio Misting Systems
Comparing patio misting systems to patio mister fans made easy.  Specific attributes you are looking for in a patio misting system.
What Makes a Good Misting System?
An outdoor patio mister is one of the most innovative ways to beat the heat. With Summer temperatures well into the triple digits it becomes unbearable to spend time outside with a way to cool off.  If you don't know what...
Breezy Summer - reclaim your summers with easy-to-install misting systems
Take your summers back and enjoy your backyard again with cooling patio misters.
High-pressure versus low-pressure patio misters- Which is better?
In the DIY Patio Mister space there are two very distinct patio misters.  You have systems that are pressurized using a pump, and then you have the type only hook up to your hose and do not have a pump. 
What to Look for When Buying a Misting System
A high-quality misting system comprises three essential components: a misting pump, a high quality mist line, and misting nozzles.
5 Ways a Patio Misting System Will Keep You Cool This Summer
Patio Misters to keep you cool It’s always hard to decide what to do on a warm summer day. It’s hot, and the last thing you want to do is go outside. Leaving your AC running all day can be...

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