What Makes a Good Misting System?

An outdoor patio mister is one of the most innovative ways to beat the heat. With Summer temperatures well into the triple digits it becomes unbearable to spend time outside with a way to cool off. 

If you don't know what a patio misting system is, it’s a cooling device that uses tiny droplets of water to evaporate and cool the surrounding air. 

When designing a patio misting system for your backyard, you should consider what makes a good patio misting system. There are multiple factors, but here is a short overview of a few things to think about.


Finding the best patio misting system.

We all want to make the best investment possible when we buy a patio misting system. We want it to be a good value and want it to last for years. So when deciding on an excellent patio misting system, these are some of the qualities that make them good patio misters:


The #1 thing you need on a high quality patio misting system is a pump.  There are essentially two different types of patio misters, those with a pump and those without.  If you’re looking for a patio mister like are used at your local restaurant patio, then a patio mister with a pump is an absolute must.  If you do not have a patio misting system with a pump, you really just have a hose with nozzles. 


A patio mister that lasts a long time is essential, especially if you're planning on using it for many years.

This is where durability comes in: if you invest in something that's not made well, it's likely to break and leave you stranded come summertime. Considering the durability of different features when looking at an outdoor misting system is crucial. While this may seem like a no-brainer, there's more to it than just the materials used to make it—it also matters how well-built the product is and how much work will be involved in maintaining it as we advance.

Some of the points to consider:

  • Search for the best quality material used in the construction of the patio misters.
  • Check if the tubing is high pressure rated.
  • See if they used high-quality materials for the mister nozzle.
  • Look at their guarantee policy and see if they offer one

High Quality

High quality means that the patio mister will be able to deliver high performance without compromising on quality. It should also have excellent durability so that it can last for years on end without any problems whatsoever.

A good patio misting system will be made from high-quality materials. The misting heads should be made from metal.  The tubing can be stainless steel or high quality high pressure nylon tubing.

Also, a good patio mister has a warranty that covers it for at least a year.  If things go wrong, they tend to happen in that first year. 


  • A misting system's nozzle determines how fine the mist will be when it's released. When you're choosing a nozzle, choose one that will create a fine enough spray to provide the evaporative cooling. Anything over .3mm is likely too large. 
  • Make sure your chosen system is whisper quite to ensure that you won't have to worry about disruptive noises while you're enjoying your patio.


Easy to Install

This feature is often overlooked when shopping for a patio misting system, but it's something that really can make or break your experience with the product. A basic patio mister should take no longer than a couple hours to install, and the more complex ones might be labeled as DIY kits and come with instructions but may require a professional's help if it is too complicated.

This means that it should be pretty much fully assembled upon arrival and shouldn't need any tools or extra parts that are hard to find. The patio misters should be customizable once it arrives, fitting your unique patios shape and size.



Maintenance is another important factor to consider when choosing the best misting system for your needs. Some patio misting systems require more maintenance than others. The most common problems with misters for patio are: clogged nozzles, water and air pressure issues, and oil/filter changing.

A good high pressure patio misting system will likely require oil to lubricate the motor.  Beyond that, simple nozzle cleaning and ensuring the water filter remains clean is the only other maintenance necessary. 


All of these are things to consider when choosing a patio misting system.  The Patio Misting System and The Patio Misting System Pro have taken all of these factors into consideration and built their entire patio mister kits around these issues.  They provide the perfect blend of high quality commercial grade patio misting systems at affordable DIY patio mister prices.