How much water does a patio misting system use?

There is no question that consumers are trying to conserve our precious resources.  It is beneficial both financially and environmentally.  One common question is how much water does a patio misting system use?   Simply put, not very much at all.  In fact, most houses would not even notice a difference, even with regular daily use. 

The longer answer to how much water does a patio mister use is a little more nuanced. Exact water usage depends on how many nozzles you have on your patio misting system, how large the patio misters nozzle orifice size is, how often it is used and duration of use.  We will use general numbers going forward because the water that your patio misting system uses is quite minimal. 

The Patio Misting System Pro uses about 1 L/Minute.   So, over the course of 1 hour of use, the Patio Misting System Pro will use less than the average shower in the USA uses.  To put that into perspective, almost everywhere in the USA, including the desert, is well below 1 penny per gallon of cost.  In fact, most are fractions of a penny, but for simplicity’s sake, when trying to figure out how much water costs for a patio misting system, lets just use half a cent per gallon.   

So, if your misting system uses about 15 gallons per hour of water, which is 1 liter per min.  Then 1 hour of use will be about 7.5 cents.  To further extrapolate how much water your patio misting system uses, you would have to run it for over 12 hours per day to get to $1 per day of water use for your patio misters.   Since most users run their misters for far less time, you can do that math on how little water your patio misting system uses.  If you ran your patio misters the entire afternoon on the weekends, 12pm – 6pm, both days, it would only cost you about $1 in water usage.  If you compare that to the up to 30 degrees cooler your back patio can be, the cost of running a patio misting system is the cheapest way to cool down on a hot summer day.   

For those of you who are skipping down to here for the answer, here are some examples:

Given average cost of water, half a cent per gallon.  ½ cent, less than a penny.

  • 24 hours per day = $1 = $30/Month
  • 12 hours per day = ₵.50 = $15/Month
  • 6 hours per day = ₵.25 = $7.50/Month
  • 3 hours per day = ₵.25 = $3.25/Month

As you can see the price to operate your patio misting system from a water standpoint is cheap and extremely environmentally friendly.   Most customers will not even notice a difference in their water bill and will be doing the environment a favor by using their outdoor space more, in an efficient way, to save on their costly Air Conditioner bills during those hot summer months.