How much energy does a patio misting system use?

When considering a patio misting system for your patio or backyard there are often questions on how much energy does a patio misting system use?

The short answer is not much of either.

When it comes to patio misting systems and how much energy they use most people are surprised on how little energy a patio mister uses.  The pump itself plugs directly into your existing electrical outlets and uses very little power.  As an example, The Patio Misting System Pro is rated at 180w of energy.  To put this patio mister into an energy use perspective, at a typical kWh price of 12 cents/kWh, if you operate the pump for 3 hours per day you would use .54 Kwh per day.  The long story short on this is that operating this patio misting system for 3 hours a day would cost about 10 cents per day.  As you can see, the energy usage for a patio misting system is one of the most economical cooling devices available.  You likely would not even notice a difference on your monthly bill.

As you can see, patio misting systems are a very economical use of energy, especially in relation to how cool your space can be.  Patio Misters can cool your space by up to 30 degrees!  Energy prices continue to rise and owning a patio misting system is a great way to cool down for not much money.   Additionally, if you can shut your air conditioner off inside, and enjoy your outdoor patio with a cooling patio mister, you would actually end up saving money on your monthly energy bill!  Patio misting systems are energy efficient and a great way to cool down!