High-pressure versus low-pressure patio misters- Which is better?

If you’re in the market for a patio misting system to cool your outdoor space, then undoubtedly you have ran across several different types of patio misters.

In the DIY Patio Mister space there are two very distinct patio misters. You have systems that are pressurized using a pump, and then you have the type only hook up to your hose and do not have a pump. 

Let’s take the type that do not have a misting pump, first.


These patio misters look like this:

Low Pressure Patio Mister

These systems screw directly onto your hose or hose bib and simply let the water flow out of your faucet and through the plastic tubing.  They will create larger droplets of water that soak your space and operate more like a sprinkler than a patio mister.  Its not to say they do not have their place, but they simply use the standard pressure of your pipes, which is generally speaking about 35 PSI.  These patio misters are not what you see on your local restaurant patio. 


 These patio misting systems look like this:


High Pressure Patio Mister

These patio misters utilize and pump to pressurize the system and will create an extremely fine mist that will dissipate and evaporate in the air before it hits you or the ground.  This phenomenon is what actually creates the cooling power to lower the ambient temperature of your patio. 

Patio Misting Systems that use a pump to create pressure vary greatly on design.  The important items to look for are:

  • Pump
  • High quality tubing
  • High quality nozzles
  • Filters for hard water
  • Customizable features
  • All-inclusive kits

These patio misters with pumps are exactly what you see on your local restaurant patios.  There are many companies out there that will provide you with the pump and parts and install them on your space.  These are full service patio misting companies and cost over $4,000. 

In comparison to these full-service patio mister companies, you can purchase the same commercial grade style patio misters at a fraction of the cost.  Companies like The Patio Misting System offer complete patio mister kits at a fraction of the cost.  They contain high pressure pumps, commercial grade components, but at frugal DIY prices.  These Patio mister kits can even be installed by professional contractors, handy men or Do it Yourself and takes about 2 hours. 

With these DIY High Pressure Patio Misters with pumps you get all the benefits of the commercially installed systems but at an affordable price that every house can afford.