Mist Cooling Fans and Patio Misting Systems

Misting systems have been around for a while and have proven to be a very effective way of cooling down and enjoying the outdoors. There are many different types of outdoor mist cooling systems, each with their own unique qualities. We will compare the benefits of mist cooling fans and also some of the drawbacks of misting fans.  There are many benefits to a patio misting system that misting fans do not offer but one option may be more suitable for you than the other. 

Mist Cooling Fans

These are static fans that hang from your ceiling and typically have a ring of misting nozzles in front of the fan blades.  The fan blades then push the air and mist out into your space.  The limitations to these are that they cover a single area, such as your table or certain space, limiting their cooling.  In order to cool your entire patio, you typically need several misting fans.

One other installation issue is that you need power and water ran all the way to the fan.  So for instance if you are going to hang one of these units where you currently have a ceiling fan on your patio then you still need to run a water line.  Or conversely, if you are putting one of these in the corner of your patio ceiling, you still need to run power and water if it is not already available.  While they provide great cooling power, there are some drawbacks.

Misting Systems

A patio misting system is a little more intricate than a patio misting fan. These patio misters, like The Patio Misting System, can cover your entire patio space with a single unit and offer unique design set-ups.  The electrical and water inputs can be far away from the space you are trying to cool, keeping installation easy and reducing the noise of your patio misters.  Since you can provide cooling patio mist for your entire patio space with one single patio misting system, they are often a better value.  Since a unit like The Patio Misting System plugs directly into your hose and existing electrical outlet there is no extra expense necessary for a plumber or electrician.  The simplicity of installation and unique customizable aspect of these patio misters make them perfect for any backyard, especially for those who love to entertain in their entire space. 

Patio misting system benefits:

  • Patio misting systems can cover your entire entertaining space.
  • Patio misters are 100% customizable to each unique setup.
  • Misting systems are a very professional look.
  • Don't need to bring to power or water to the area you want mist. You can keep the pump far away from your actual patio space.
  • Get cooling mist where you want it, not where you don't.
  • Easy to add on to or adjust where you have mist.
  • Patio misting systems can create different zones with more or less mist in each area.