What does The Patio Misting System come with?

The Patio Misting System Pro is an almost too good to be true product. Customers need to understand why this revolutionary product is exactly what they are looking for to provide cooling mist to your patio.

When you call a patio mist installation company, the salesman comes out, sizes up your backyard and determines patio mister pump placement.  Then typically you run electrical and water to the misting pump location and they can get started installing.  All of this was necessary to get patio mist to your space.  However, with The Patio Misting System there is no need to have a sales person involved.  Why get an electrician and plumber involved when you already have outlets and hose bibs sticking out the side of your house?  You live in your house and experience your backyard everyday.  Why have someone tell you where you need misters?  The process is simple and straightforward, that’s why we cut out the middle man. The Patio Misting System Pro packs 1,000 PSI which is what most companies use and offers the exact same mist but without all the upcharges and middle men.

Let’s start with electrical and water.  Placement of your pump is easy.  Most people want to have mist along the back of their house, lets call that 50 or 75 feet of linear cooling space where you want your nozzles and cooling patio mist.  You begin by installing your black flexible tubing or stainless steel tube along the perimeter of your covered patio, pergola, or space.   Cutting the misting tube and installing the connectors and nozzles, or snapping together the stainless steel and installing the nozzles.  Generally we recommend every 18-36 inches for nozzle placement.  Remember, all of these parts are included in the patio mister kits. The stainless steel misting tube comes in 30 inch increments and snaps into the connector piece that also holds the nozzle, so with stainless steel misting tube your nozzles are about 30" apart. Of course the stainless steel can be cut, but is generally not necessary.

Then from the end of where you actually want the cooling nozzles you would begin your uncut tube line of the black flexible tubing, down your wall, near a downspout or literally anywhere you want to get the tube from the raised mister nozzles, down to ground level so you can connect it to the pump.  You can run this black flexible tube all the way to your patio misting pump.  Even if its 50 or 100 feet away.  Since this misting tube is uncut and a continuous run, there is virtually no loss of pressure.  Most people would run this along the side of their house to wherever is convenient for their motor placement.  By AC condensers, pool equipment, generally just place the patio misting pump out of the way and out of sight.  If your hose or electrical outlet are not in the same place or not a convenient spot for the motor, no problem! A simple garden hose and outdoor rated extension cord can be ran to wherever you want the patio mister pump.  Most customers put a splitter on their hose bib so they still have a usable hose bib for their garden hose and their patio mister pump connected to the other split side.

Now what components does the system come with?

  • High pressure patio misting pump.
  • Electrical cord for plugging into your outlet.(GFCI Protected)
  • Input mister hose to connect to your garden hose.
  • Filters – Two filters to reduce calcium and debris in your system.
  • 100 feet of black flexible misting tube.
  • 50 High quality anti-drip misting nozzles.
  • 50 Quick-connect connectors for 100% customization.
  • 4 - 90° L Connectors for perfect corners.
  • 2 – End connectors to split your line multiple directions.
  • C Clamps to install on virtually any surface of your homes exterior.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. Turn the machine on and off or set it on a unique schedule for easy use.
  • Other accessories include more installation parts.  Tube cutter, oil syringe, extra o-rings, and all other connections needed to get you up and running in no time. 

The only things you will need are a ladder, drill or screwdriver, screws to attach to your unique surface (wood, metal or concrete) and some plumbers tape to make tight leak free connections at your hose and filter.

All of these misting components may look like a lot, but set up and installation are a breeze.  The main premise is to cut the misting tube, put the connector piece on, and keep going on down the misting line.  Same process with stainless steel patio mister tube. The components in the patio mister kit are all modular and easy to assemble.  The patio misting tube and connectors are quick connect, just a reverse osmosis system or connecting fridge or icemaker.