What to Look for When Buying a Misting System

Imagine a pleasant, cool, breezy summer day. Even though it's a perfect summer afternoon, this hardly describes a normal one. You're going to have days most of the time that are 90 degrees or greater, making your central air conditioning essential. What about the kids, though? Sending them outside in the sweltering heat is difficult. Even so, getting them out of your hair would be good.

Patio misters are intended to hang along the edge of your roof or overhang to cool patios or decks. If you are looking to invest in a good misting system, this blog is the one for you. Read on to learn more about what you should look for when buying an outdoor misting system!

 But first- What is a misting system?

The most typical definition of a misting system is a row of specifically designed mist nozzles arranged in a line around a space. Water is pumped through the specialized nozzles and swiftly atomized into droplets as small as five-millionths of a meter when coupled to a high-pressure misting system pump (5 microns).

A high-pressure mist system kit can reduce outdoor temperatures by up to 30 degrees, allowing you and the kids to spend a long and comfortable day outside. In addition, they can lessen odors that may develop and the quantities of dust that are associated with the summer.

The system is basic and simple to install. It has a pump, spray nozzles, and nylon or stainless steel tubing. The pump pressurizes the system to push water through the nozzles that creates a fine cooling mist.

What factors should I consider when buying misters for the patio?

Patio misters are designed to use a sustainable amount of water and cool you down without soaking. In a nutshell, here are some of the points you must take note of before you make a purchase :

  • Systems with a pump or just connected to your hose.
  • High-pressure versus low-pressure misters.
  • The nozzles, orifice size, material, anti drip.
  • Overall misting system quality.
  • DIY Patio Misters vs. Company installed
  • Special functions, timers, Bluetooth, etc..

What components make up a good patio misting system?

A high-quality misting system comprises three essential components: a misting pump, a high quality mist line, and misting nozzles.

- As opposed to systems simply hooked to your hose faucet, pump driven systems create the fine mist that you have come to expect from your favorite restaurant patio. Simply put, Patio Misters with pumps are far superior.

- Mist lines may be pliable or stiff. Before choosing which tubing option best satisfies your mist system needs, it is important to weigh their individual advantages. The biggest benefit of stainless steel tubing is the looks, followed by being a bit more durable.

- Mist nozzles will affect performance more than any other part. The atomization rate and the nozzle's capacity to generate a significant number of very small droplets are the most crucial variables.  Typically in desert climates you will want .15-.3mm orifice size.  While in more humid areas you will want .1mm-.2mm for smaller droplets.

 What material of nozzles is available in misting systems?

 Plastic nozzles: They have a short service life and are more cost effective. The plastic eventually cracks and breaks because it cannot withstand heat or UV radiation.

Brass nozzles: These are far more durable and don't change size when exposed to the sun. It might, however, corrode with time.

Stainless steel nozzles: These are the most expensive choice for misting systems. Strong and long-lasting is stainless steel. It is extremely durable, won't rust, and won't deform.  All of The Patio Misting System units come with stainless steel misters.

 To conclude?

Many options are available on the market and on the internet when looking for a misting system for your residence or place of business. The cost was once very relative to the quality of system.  That is becoming less and less of the case as super high quality DIY Misting Kits have become popular.  The Patio Misting System Pro uses the same type of high quality motor and components as the $5,000 company installed units, but offers them at a direct to consumer patio mister price.   

The secret is to conduct thorough research and ask questions  based on your needs for an outdoor misting system. Check out our website  for high-quality patio misters that are simple to install and maintain!