Do I need to cover my Patio Misting System pump?

We recommend keeping your patio misting system pump out of the elements as much as possible. This means sun, rain, debris or anything else mother nature throws at us.

In the manual it says do not expose the pump to direct sun or water? How can I leave it outside? Well, the best way to think of this is Q-tip brands cotton swabs also say not to use on your ears. Obviously your patio mister pump is going to be outside and it is virtually impossible to keep it out of rain and sun.  Essentially you can leave the patio mister pump outside but also want to protect the mist pump as much as possible.  Do not let the patio mister pump sit in standing water.  Small tiles, pieces of wood or anything that keeps it off the ground can suffice.  If your patio mister pump does not sit in an area where water stands when it rains, then it really is not much of an issue.  

What about falling rain and sun?  We also have the perfect product for that.  The Patio Misting System offers a perfectly designed and engineered cover that will keep rain and sun from directly hitting your patio misting system pump.  The Patio Misting System pump cover will help extend the life of your pump and keep it at a lower operating temperature so you can get more use out of your patio mister pump.  

The Patio Misting System pump cover can be bought at the link below.

The Patio Misting System Pump Cover