Winterization – What do I need to do after summer?

Winterization of your patio misting system is super easy.  Depending on your location, you have a few checklist items.

Does it hard freeze in your location?

If it freezes in your location, you want to do a couple extra things to ready your patio misters.  These are places generally above the 35th parallel in the USA.  States like Kansas, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri and even the Carolinas.  Even in places like Las Vegas and areas in Texas you generally get enough freezing days that this part is for you. 

Remove your patio mister nozzles and take them inside.

You can drain and refill your patio mister oil at the end of the season. This way you remove old oil and are ready to roll once it starts getting hot again. 

We also would advise you to unplug your patio misting system and bring it inside or in the garage. 

You can duct tape the ends of your input and output tube that connect the hose and mist line to your patio misting system.  This will keep you patio misters free from unwanted debris. 

If you’re located in Phoenix, places in southern Florida, South Texas or parts of California where it doesn’t really freeze, then this part is for you.

You can bring you patio mister pump into the garage to increase longevity and keep it looking better from sun damage and other elements.  You can also duct tape your patio mist machine connectors to keep them clean of debris as described above.

At this time you would also want to change the oil in your patio mister so you are ready to go for the new season once it starts getting warm. 

You can choose to remove the nozzles or not.  Generally, in places like Phoenix you do not have to remove the nozzles, but it will keep them operating better longer.

These simple winterization items will help increase the longevity of your patio misting system pump and keep you patio misters cooling for years to come!