Breezy Summer - reclaim your summers with easy-to-install misting systems

Summers are a great time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. It's the time to get out into your backyards and patios for outdoor lunches and lounging for hours. With longer days, you get to enjoy family evenings in daylight.

Children can play outdoors longer. You can hold parties with friends, host family dinners, and much more.

However, as the summer progresses, it often gets too hot to actually enjoy your summers, or at least enjoy a better part of your day. It can be too hot in the afternoon to stay outside with oppressive summer heat.

That’s how most summers go; daydreaming about how you could enjoy the day while you retreat inside to avoid the heat. Well, you don’t have to settle for daydreaming anymore. You can chill your summers down with misting systems and patio misters! By installing an outdoor misting system, you can control the heat and do whatever you want outside! You can spend your time enjoying the summer sky and beating the heat with a patio mister. Go back to enjoying BBQ’s, pool time and entertaining guests with The Patio Misting System.

So, let’s show you how to beat the heat with patio misters.

How does a Patio misting system work?

Using outdoor misting systems is a great way to remain cool in the summer heat. A patio misting system uses a pump to circulate water through misting lines, a series of nozzles, and into the air as mist. The mist swiftly evaporates when it comes into contact with the warmer air and sunlight. As a result, the area's air becomes colder, by up to 30 degrees. The mist from our patio mister evaporates, creating a cooling effect so you can enjoy your space all summer long. As a result, you won't get completely drenched if you enter a misting system area.

That’s how by using misters for your patio, you can chill in summers and enjoy your time! No more dreading the hot summer days, you can now gain control of your own environment. Even better, these systems do a fantastic job of keeping their surroundings clear of dust and insects. Patio Misters keep you cool during those hot summer days.

Can you afford it?

Patio misters may sound like a luxury. While it may have been true a few years ago, now it’s within any homeowners reach. You can now easily lounge around your patios and backyards with an affordable outdoor misting system.

Don’t believe it? You can check out The Patio Misting System yourself, have a look at these products, and find out for yourself how you can get an outdoor misting system too! The misting systems are very easy to install for your everyday use. You can install it yourself or call any general handyman to do it for you. You can even connect it to your garden hose for quick installation Run the included tubing line throughout your patio with nozzles to create surrounding misty and chill atmosphere. Our Patio Misters do not require much maintenance and are simple to operate.

How to use it?

If you’re using one of The Patio Misting Systems patio misters, you can easily install it on your own and bypass the installation fees. Both the products are simple to install and easily use regular tap water from your hose, pressurize in our incredible motor pumps to create high pressure mist that immediately evaporates in the air. They function at less than 56db, which is equivalent to your average refrigerator, so you won’t even know they are there.

If you use the Patio Misting System Pro, you can even control it remotely. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to enable you to access it through your phone. So, you can make your environment cool anytime simply from your phone.

What are you waiting for? Take your patio back in the summer heat by getting yourself a patio misting system. Reinvent your patios and backyards with a cool, chilly, and misty environment. Enjoy your summers fully by investing in an outdoor misting system. Install it easily, control the atmosphere, and beat the heat with cool high pressure mist. You might still have doubts about whether it is a good investment or not. If you have been thinking about a Patio Mister now is the time!  This revolutionary patio mister is exactly what you’re looking for. 

  • All inclusive patio mister kit
  • Perfect mist just like your local restaurant patio
  • Shockingly affordable
  • Easy to install
  • 100% Customizable patio mister

Get your patio misters from The Patio Misting System to chill in summers and beat the heat. The Patio Misting System will make your patios a pleasing experience, or if you want more control and have a large patio you can get The Patio Misting System Pro.

Place an order now to indulge in more relaxing summers with your family and friends.