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Misting Systems In New Mexico

We know New Mexico is as unique in climate as it is beautiful. The high desert and the scorching heat of the southern portion of the state are big contrasts. The Land of Enchantment is also the land of hot summers! The Patio Misting System and The Patio Misting System Pro have the answer to how to cool your patio in the summer.

Our simple, DIY patio misters are exactly what you need to cool your patio. If you have a small to medium sized space, then you would want to take a look at The Patio Misting System. This patio mister is fully customizable to fit any shape or angle of your patio. You can position each misting nozzle so that you have mist exactly where you want it, and not where you don’t. Run up to 50 feet of nozzles and provide your space with perfect, fine cooling mist.

For larger patios, you would likely want to look at our Patio Misting System Pro. This top of the line patio mister will power almost any size patio and provide a super fine cooling mist. The 1,000 psi misting pump can be operated from a smartphone and effortlessly cool your space. This patio mister is 100% customizable and can be configured to fit any shape or size patio. Position each misting nozzle in your own perfect position so that you have fine cooling mist where you want it, and nowhere you don’t. Run 100 feet of tube and nozzles to cover your space. The pump and hook ups can be placed far from your nozzles -out of sight and out of hearing.

Further customize either The Patio Misting System or The Patio Misting System Pro with stainless steel tubing. Our incredible stainless steel tubing will take your system to the next level with that perfectly professional look. No one will ever imagine you got all of this for under $1,000 or $1,500. Patio Misting companies that come to your home will charge, $4,000, $5,000 even $8,000! For the exact same components! Our pumps and systems will last for years to come and keep you cool and outside all summer long!

We offer our patio misting kits throughout the state of New Mexico, including but not limited to:

* Alburquerque

* Las Cruces

* Sante Fe

* Roswell

* Farmington

* Hobbs

* Clovis

* Carlsbad

* Alamogordo

patio misting system blue logo for perfect fine mist


Our system creates the professional misting of your favorite restaurant patio, right in your own yard.

patio misting system blue logo for easy self installation


The Patio Misting System requires no technical know-how to install. We provide everything you will need.

patio misting system blue logo for connecting to your hose


Hooks directly to your existing hose and outlets. No need for plumbing or digging up your yard.

How it works:

Choose your patio misting kit.
• Buy your patio mister right on our 100% secure website.
• We ship the product to your door within 2 days!
• Install the system around your space, hook it up right to your existing hose and electrical outlet.
• Enjoy the fine, cooling patio mist. Take back your summer in New Mexico!

Either of our patio misting systems will work fantastically in New Mexico. The only decisions you need to make are which system fits the size of your patio? The Pro can handle any size and The Patio Misting System is fit for small to medium patios. What features you want? The Patio Misting System Pro comes with a few more features. And last but not least, which accessories you prefer? We recommend the stainless steel pipes for a more professional misting system look.

patio misting system pro with diagram
patio misting system pro with diagram
The Patio Misting System Pro
patio misting system pro with tubing connected
patio misting system pro with the cord attached
all accessories that come included with the patio misting system pro
accessories that come with the patio misting system pro
a patio with misters shown using the patio misting system pro
an unboxing video to show what's included and how to setup the DIY patio misting system pro
a better way to cool your patio, easily installed, budget friendly, DIY
extra parts included with the patio misting system pro

The Patio Misting System Pro

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The Patio Misting System Pro will handle almost any size patio or structures.  Perfect for large spaces or those who want the professional and commercial look of stainless steel connections and nozzles to provide a fine, cooling mist.

Pump Dimensions: L 16" x W 8.5" x H 9.5"
  • Flexible tubing
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • Stainless steel connectors
  • Whisper quiet, 56db
  • Hooks up to hose and outlet
  • Simple install
  • High pressure motor
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control
  • 3 piston pump lubricated with oil
  • Everything included in the box
  • Upgradable to stainless steel tubing
  • 1000 PSI Mist Pump Pro
  • 50 Stainless Steel Nozzles, Mix and match for more or less mist
      • 10 - 0.1mm
      • 10 - 0.15mm
      • 25 - 0.2mm
      • 5  -  0.3mm 
  • 50 - Quick Connect tube couplers w/ Nozzle Hole
  • 50 - C-clamps for hanging mist tube
  • 3 - End Caps w/ Nozzle Hole
  • 5 - 90 Degree "L" connectors for corners
  • 2 - "T" Connectors 
  • 2 pcs - Straight Quick Fitting - No Hole 1/4" used for splicing w/ no nozzle
  • 130 feet of tubing. (1/4" OD)
  • Inlet water connection with standard garden hose attachment
  • Calcium Inhibitor Filter - Reduces hard water buildup
  • GFCI protected plug-in
  • Misting Tube pipe cutter
  • Oil syringe for easily adding oil - 5W-30 recommended(Not included)
  • Extra o rings for continued water sealing


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