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Misting Systems In Utah

Utah has a very diverse climate. From the dry desert of the southern portion of the state to the tops of the mountains, we have a unique and beautiful state. No matter where you are, you know when summer comes it is going to get hot. The best way to enjoy your Utah patio is with The Patio Misting System. Our patio misters provide the perfect amount of pressure, customization, and fine cooling mist to keep you enjoying your patio all summer long.

Our incredible patio misters are shipped directly to your door within a couple of days. Upon unpacking you will see just how customizable and easy our patio misters are to install. Our patio misters can be fully assembled in about 2 hours and will have you cooling your patio with an incredibly fine mist for years to come.

Our incredible DIY Patio Misting Systems are pressurized systems, just like you find at your favorite restaurant patio, but at a fraction of the cost. We designed these modern patio misting kits to include everything you need to go from box to cooling mist in about 2 hours.

• No prior experience needed!
• No additional hook ups needed!
• Connects right to your hose and existing electrical outlet.

Our amazing DIY patio misters require very little maintenance. Clean the nozzles. Changing the filter. And if you have The Patio Misting System Pro, changing the oil about once a year. These patio misting kits are designed in the USA and manufactured in China.

Both The Patio Misting System and The Patio Misting System Pro are featured on and With the fully customizeable patio misting design, you can choose exactly where you want cooling mist and where you don’t. Providing perfectly fine mist that can cool your space by up to 30 degrees!

We offer our patio misting kits throughout the state of Utah, including but not limited to:

* St. George

* Hurricane

* Salt Lake City

* Provo

* Cedar City

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Our system creates the professional misting of your favorite restaurant patio, right in your own yard.

patio misting system blue logo for easy self installation


The Patio Misting System requires no technical know-how to install. We provide everything you will need.

patio misting system blue logo for connecting to your hose


Hooks directly to your existing hose and outlets. No need for plumbing or digging up your yard.

How it works:

Choose your patio misting kit.
• Buy your patio mister right on our 100% secure website.
• We ship the product to your door within 2 days!
• Install the system around your space, hook it up right to your existing hose and electrical outlet.
• Enjoy the fine, cooling patio mist. Take back your summer in Utah!

Either of our patio misting systems will work fantastically in Utah. The only decisions you need to make are which system fits the size of your patio? The Pro can handle any size and The Patio Misting System is fit for small to medium patios. What features you want? The Patio Misting System Pro comes with a few more features. And last but not least, which accessories you prefer? We recommend the stainless steel pipes for a more professional misting system look.

Patio Misting Systems

The Patio Misting System Pro - $1479.00

* 1,000 PSI Pump - Creates Ultra Fine Mist

* 100+ ft of nozzles and tubing coverage

* Perfect for Even the Largest Patios

* Enclosed Pump

* Whisper Quiet  -56db, same as a refrigerator

* Bluetooth Connectivity - Controlled from your Smartphone

View More about the Pro system

The Patio Misting System - $879.00

* 150 PSI Pump - Creates Very Fine Mist

* Up to 50ft of nozzles and tubing coverage

* Perfect for Small to Mid-sized Patios

* Enclosed Pump 

* Whisper Quiet - 45db, quieter than a refrigerator 

* NO bluetooth capabilities! View the pro model for this feature.

View More About the Misting System

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